not a man

from by small dad



i got a strange fascination with the lights in the hall
i got a part of me inside me that don't like me at all
i sit here staring at the carpet with my back to the wall
i'd try to stand up but i'm afraid i'd fall

lyin' here lookin' up at the sky
all i see are the city lights
maybe when i see the stars i'll feel alright
until then i'll just softly cry

i'm not a man
i don't know who i am
i'm not a man
i do the best that i can
i'm not a man
don't you understand?
i'm not a man
koo-koo ay-ay-yann

there is a light on the water and a sun in the trees
it's dark outside but it shines through the leaves
there is a wind coming towards me as i step on the beach
there is a raindrop on my brow, and a grin on my cheeks

this is goodbye
ain't no reason to cry
this is goodbye
enjoy the rest of your life
this is goodbye
you know it's been a rough night
this is goodbye
koo-koo ay-ay-yayy

i'm not a man
i'm not a man
i'm not a man
i'm not a mahaiayayan
i'm not a man


from i would never do that, released November 11, 2016
all music and arrangements by small dad
words by conor and molly



all rights reserved


small dad Washington, D.C.

it's not a phase its a bit.

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